Earth Sheltered Building Waterproofing & Insulating

Basic Structure

Sealing up your earth sheltered home is generally considered the most important part of the construction process.

AES provides a waterproofing package that consists of multiple layers and will guarantee against leaks for 10 years. This package price can vary depending on the size of the home and location.

Here at AES we have nine steps of waterproofing and insulating your home. We apply a method similar to John Hait. This approach consists of extending the insulation horizontally and using a couple inches of rigid insulation like EPS and XPS to form an underground thermal umbrella that separates the home and soil from the above ground air temperatures. We use this method because it has been found to reduce the amount of water in the soil. This is important because it reduces lateral pressure on the cement can cause other damage.

Step 1

Apply below grade waterproofing member directly to concrete.

Step 2

Add bentonite clay around the penetrations and apply bentonite mat over the below grade flat surfaces.

Step 3

Begin backfilling dirt with your hired excavator.

Step 4

Begin the umbrella insulation process which consists of four to six inches of below grade insulation.

Step 5

Apply EPDM rubber liner and all necessary sealing of penetrations.

Step 6

Apply a layer of sand or geotech fabric provided by homeowner.

Step 7

Excavator hired by homeowner will proceed to complete final grade to make ready for grass or other landscaping.