Earth Home Construction

When you need an earth-sheltered home builder, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professional team at American Earth Sheltered Concrete Construction, LLC. We will provide you with an eco-friendly, earth-sheltered concrete home that is safe, sustainable, and durable.

Custom Earth-Sheltered Residential Construction

Colorado Earth Home

This beautiful eco friendly home is one module and has a flat box. It is close to 1000 square feet. It’s as green as it gets!

Modern Mississippi Earth Home

This home was built in the 90’s using the Terra Dome system. As you can see after 25 years our structures remain solid and beautiful.

Alabama Earth Home

This Alabama home is four modules and has one flat ceiling with a four foot overhang and parapet. To the right of the garage you will notice a retaining wall and terrace feature.

Oklahoma Earth Home

After experiencing a F5 tornado within a few miles of their shop, this homeowner wanted to integrate our building system in addition to his existing structure. This home isn’t going anywhere!

Multi-Family Earth Homes

Earth-Sheltered Concrete Duplex

Exterior Picture of the left side of duplex.

Interior of the left side duplex. Kitchen space within a 24′ x 24′ module.

Interior of the left side duplex. Living room is looking out into a south facing flat roofed area.

Exterior picture of the right side of duplex.

Interior of the right side of duplex. Interior of living room looking into the hallway bedrooms.

Interior of the right side of duplex. The more modern squared corner opening. This is looking from a domed module into a concrete flat ceiling space that was utilized for a kitchen.