Earth-Sheltered Commercial Construction

When you need an earth-sheltered commercial building, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professional team at American Earth Sheltered Concrete Construction, LLC. We will provide you with an eco-friendly, earth-sheltered building that is safe, sustainable, and durable.

Earth-Sheltered Visitor’s Center in Colorado

Monarch Pass Visitor Center

After a devastating fire years ago my grandfather was contacted to build one of our more resilient structures. Many years later tourists are still enjoying the center.

Earth-Sheltered Nature Center in Ohio

This is the entrance to the Ohio Nature Center. Completely covered by the earth it is well insulated and a solid structure.

Inside is an educational room and event space. The large room was created with what we call our barrel vault system. This system can be used for many different projects.

In this picture you can see the arched opening. A more modern square edged opening is available.

Earth-Sheltered Winery in Arizona

 Animated model of completed Arizona Winery and Event space.

This is an animated model showing earth coverage on top of the structure.

This picture was taken during the building process of the wineries courtyard. The entrance can be seen in the top right corner of the previous picture.