Earth Home Drafting & Design Services

Our team is efficient and easy to work with. We have years of experience building custom earth-sheltered concrete homes and commercial buildings. Choose our trained and experienced team for a hassle-free experience.


Sizing of Modules

Our system gives you the versatility to build within our 24′ x 24′ or 28′ x 28′ inside square modular dimensions.

Within these dimensions you have the freedom to create a living space however you desire.

From the wall height to the ceiling epicenter the variation is four feet. Wall height options are 92″, 112″, 128″, or 148″.

Getting Started

Step 1

All pricing is based on modules being single level. Any additional stories will be charged as an additional module. Any finished loft space or flat roof areas 300-500 square feet is considered a half module and 500-800 square feet is considered a complete module.

Once we have connected for a free consultation, you will send rough graph drawing of your desired floor plan with check to:

AES Concrete
8607 S. Russell Rd.
Oak Grove, MO 64075

Phone: (816) 286-9502

1-3 Modules $325.00
4-5 Modules $425.00
6-7 Modules $525.00

Anything larger than 7 Modules please call for special pricing.

We will provide 2 copies hard lined 1/8″ scaled floor plan.

Preliminary Package

Step 2

Return a hard line 1/8″ plan with your desired changes with a check for $525.00 + $225.00 per module to AES Concrete.

We will then provide copies of computerized 1/8″ scaled floor plan with front elevation.

Final Package

Step 3

Return revised floor plan and front elevation to AES with check for $400.00 per module. Four hours of modification time is allowed between stages. Any additional time will be charged $65 per hour.

AES will then provide 3 copies of complete computerized plans that include:

  • Revised floor plan
  • Revised front elevation
  • A footing plan
  • An electrical schematic per code
  • Dimension plan
  • Recommended plumbing schematic
  • HVAC Schematic
  • Engineering plans (not sealed by engineer)