Earth Sheltered Building Specifications & Pricing

From residential to commercial and everywhere in between, we are here to make your vision become a reality. Our system gives you the versatility to build almost any type of earth-sheltered concrete structure that you can think of.

Basic Structure


At AES Concrete Construction, we construct a basic modular concrete system to the specifications of the plans agreed upon. With these specifications we will then furnish concrete, steel, forming system, and the labor to build. What you see in the picture above is a typical home that is completed and ready for finishes.

Upon our arrival the clients responsibilities are to provide:

  • Building permits
  • Necessary prints and plans with engineered stamp if needed.
  • Excavated site level within + or – 1″
  • Rock to be placed in footer
  • Accessible driveway to site
  • Soil testing if necessary
  • Portable toilet facility
  • Unhindered access to construction site
  • Delivery of materials such as penetration piping through the dome for plumbing, HVAC, and fireplace

We also offer assistance obtaining building permits at $25/ hour.


Sizing of Modules

Our system gives you the versatility to build within our 24′ x 24′ or 28′ x 28′ inside square modular dimensions.

Within these dimensions you have the freedom to create a living space however you desire.

From the wall height to the ceiling epicenter the variation is four feet. Wall height options are 92″, 112″, 128″, or 148″.


Call for a Free Consultation

Because all projects and sites are unique, we ask that you give us a call to talk through the details of your project, and we’d be happy to provide a bid.

What makes us stand out?

We build our structures to be safe, dry, and energy-efficient. We include waterproofing with a 10-year warranty and below grade roof insulation at the base of the home to help with efficiency. 

Nationwide Service

We travel to your site.

Our business is based in the Midwest heartland, just outside of Kansas City. But our experience is nationwide, and we will travel to your location. We have experience with all types of unique site conditions and travel throughout the U.S. to build durable and beautiful concrete structures.