Earth Sheltered Building Photo Gallery

We take pride in our work at every stage of the construction process — from our initial consultation with clients to design and drafting, to construction and finishing. Take a look at our process and how our earth-sheltered concrete construction looks from start to finish.

On-Site Construction Photos

Professionally excavated site that is ready for concrete to be placed in the footings.
Finished footings with rock and drain tile in place and ready to erect modules.
Typical day of a pour and all steel and electrical boxes are in place.  Note pipes are for sewer and bathroom venting.
Six foot straight up parapet to retain dirt.
Extended overhang and six foot parapet pour.
Typical wall steel with electrical. This particular wall height is 128 inches from floor to start of dome.
Project ready for dome insertion. These wall heights are 148 inches from floor to start of dome and great for loft space.
Dome up and ready for pour. The four green pipes in the back are for HVAC and utility sleeves.
Three module and two flat boxes. The various pipes are for venting, sun tubes, and fireplace chimney.
This 92 inch wall height project has a typical four foot overhang and parapet with a retaining wall.
Finished project for AES and ready for a tradesman to complete interior and exterior finishes. This home has a separate garage from behind that is not shown in the picture.
Prime example of the durability and strength of our homes as it withstands the weight of a one ton pickup truck and tons and tons of dirt.

Under Construction Interior Photos

Interior concrete safe room. Walls and ceiling are plastered and ready for dividing walls, floor, windows, and doors
Interior dividing walls with finished floors.
A typical interior electrical panel and utility room.
Vaulted dome ceiling over kitchen with pennant lights and fan.
Optional six foot skylight in the center of the dome for abundant natural lighting.
Project ready for windows, doors, and interior and exterior finishes. This picture shows a half arched module option.

Finished Exterior Photos

This home is a two module project with a brick exterior finish and has four foot overhang and parapet.
Largescale project with a half dome and built on overhang. With an exterior stucco finish and six foot parapet.
This is a five module Santa Fe style home that has an exterior stucco finish and it has a three foot straight up parapet.
This three module home has a built on overhang with a stone exterior finish.
This one module home features a four foot curved overhang and no parapet. You will notice in the picture to the right a sunroom has been added.
Finished three module home in Gunnison, Colorado!