Benefits of an Underground Earth Home

Are you curious about the benefits of building your own underground earth home? Read on to learn about the environmental, economic, safety and security benefits of earth-sheltered concrete construction!

Mississippi Earth Home

Earth Home Benefits

1. Ability to Retain Heat.

Earth Sheltered homes are designed to create a thermal mass. Concrete, which is the main ingredient and material we use at American Earth Sheltered Concrete Construction, and is a high density material that is considered to have high thermal mass which means it can store heat energy and absorb it as well.

2. Energy Efficient.

There are a couple of options to building your energy efficient Earth Sheltered home. One option is the use of solar panels. With the use of solar panels you are able to survive without the power grid and you can be more self-sustainable. Another option is wind power energy! It’s simple mechanical power is collected through wind turbines to generate electrical power.

3. No Need for Heating or Cooling systems.

Our planet is so amazing! It has the ability to be it’s own thermal stabilizing mass. Concrete is such an amazing material as well! The properties used in concrete, along with the dirt that covers the domes, have the ability to naturally keep a comfortable temperature in the earth sheltered home without the use of a heating or cooling system.

4. Storm Proof.

As our weather patterns become more unpredictable having an underground earth home gives you the security and comfort of knowing that no matter what you’re safe. Whether its a tornado, hurricane, or forest fire that you’re in the path of, having a concrete underground home keeps you safe and protected!

5. Soundproof.

Living in an Earth Sheltered home that structure is made out of concrete means you do not get the noise pollution that often accompanies living in a stick structure home. Even within the different rooms of the home you are able to experience a quiet peace. The son that is aspiring to be a professional drummer is able to practice long into the night without another hearing him!


Your new underground earth home is quiet and private, strong and durable, safe and secure, and sustainable and energy-efficient. You will love life in your bright and beautiful underground earth home that is lower maintenance than conventional construction.